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About Us – Hebco | Hebco Industrial Pty Ltd


Hebco Industrial Pty Ltd is an independent family business, providing a range of quality products and services to the motors, drive and pumps industries.

We have been supplying quality power transmission products manufactured by Amarillo Gear Co (TX) for over 30 years, making us one of the most knowledgeable and experiences gearbox specialists in Australia.

Our expertise include complete refurbishment of existing pump drives and gear boxes, with the ability to service and maintain these units throughout their lifecycle.

History Of Our Company

Our company was founded in 1933 by Herbert Edward Brehaut, and has since been lead and managed by three Brehaut generations. The current manager, Rodger Brehaut is the grandson of the original owner, and took over the role following 10 years of company experience.

In the mid 1900’s, the company was a key supplier to the Australian Army and Air Force during WWII, manufacturing goods such as ammunition boxes, bomb tails, and lead detonation caps for bombs. After WWII ended, the company expanded into producing electric motors, and at one stage, was proud to be the largest manufacturer of electric motors in the Southern Hemisphere. These motors were manufactured as foot mount motors as well as being integrated into a range of products sold under the company’s ‘Hebco’ brand name.

The list of products that were manufactured included bench top and pedestal grinding machines, polishing machines, linishing machines, and a successful range of Vertical Hollow Shaft motors for driving deep bore turbine pumps. Despite a design age of almost 60 years and a manufacturing age almost as old, second hand “Hebco” machines are still regarded as some of the best machines around to handle their intended workload and are preferenced by many over new machines.

In the early 80’s, our company started a close business relationship with Amarillo Gear Company in Texas, USA. This business relationship is still just as strong now as it was when it started some 30+ years ago. Amarillo’s range of Right Angle Gearboxes for pumps and cooling tower use allowed our company to augment its product offerings to farmers and irrigators and giving them a choice between electric, or diesel drive for their pumps. Around the same time, the company began manufacturing mudguards for box trailers as a side business using equipment and knowledge left over from, of all things, the manufacture of ammunition boxes for the Australian Army.