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Gearbox Repairs

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Gearbox Repairs

Marley Geareducer Refurbishment

At Hebco Industrial Pty Ltd, we have the unique ability to provide complete overhaul and/or refurbishment of Marley Gear Reducers in Marley branded cooling towers with the use of Amarillo manufactured gears and shafts. The Amarillo parts are not only more cost-effective, they also either match or exceed the quality of Marley components.

Amarillo products will work seamlessly within your existing Marley unit and will provide equal to greater performance results. Amarillo is also an ISO 9001 certified company, meaning that quality assurance is guaranteed.

Another benefit of using Amarillo parts is that Hebco Industrial Pty Ltd can usually acquire spare parts in Australia in just 2-3 weeks.

The Australian touch

s Hebco Industrial Pty Ltd is based in Australia, our team can provide technical assistance regarding your refurbishment. This is a great advantage in using Amarillo products through Hebco Industrial Pty Ltd.

Contact Hebco on (03) 9874 4299 for more information.