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Pump Drives

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Pump Drives

Small Pump Drives

Cutaway Gearbox or small pump driveAmarillo’s range of small pump drives are renowned the world over for their solid construction and bullet proof reliability. Since 1982, Hebco Industrial Pty Ltd has proudly sold and serviced Amarillo’s pump drives throughout Australia and are recognised throughout the entire pumping industry and the Australian Amarillo experts.


All Amarillo gear drives come standard with all the features you’d expect:

  1. All castings are made from rigid grey cast iron which ensures correct bearing alignment
  2. All gears are made from 8620 alloy forgings and are lapped in pairs
  3. Bearings are all sourced from 1st tier suppliers
  4. Pin type non-reverse ratchet standard on all drives
  5. Bearing life exceeds AGMA recommendations

For all pump drive enquiries, please contact Hebco Industrial Pty Ltd on (03) 9874 4299.

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Large Pump Drives

Amarillo’s range_1010997 of large pump drives are designed for up to 3,400HP. Used for fire fighting applications on offshore drilling rigs as well as industrial facilities, these gear drives are manufactured with rigid cast iron housings, designed to ensure correct gear alignment. Gears are manufactured from alloy steel forgings, case hardened, and lapped in pairs. All bearings used are high quality, brand name bearings which exceed AGMA recommendations for bearing life.

Having worked with Amarillo products since 1982, our team at Hebco Industrial Pty Ltd offers the complete Amarillo range, with the largest stock of Amarillo pump drives in Australia. With an extensive stock of spare parts required for pump drive rebuild and refurbishment, you can be sure that we will provide you with the very best in quality assurance and customer service.

Nationally recognised for performance

Our team’s extensive knowledge and quality servicing has allowed us to work closely with nationally and internationally recognised companies on major projects throughout Australia. These companies include Woodside petroleum, Viva Energy, BHP, and Mobil Refining Australia and CS Energy.

Contact Hebco Industrial Pty Ltd on (03) 9874 4299 for more information.

Sprag Backstop


A Sprag backstop can enhance the functionality of your Amarillo gear drive. Offered on select pump drive models, the sprag backstop provides nearly instant non-reverse. With a safety factor of up to 4.0, the sprag backstop offered by Amarillo is engineered to last the life of your gear drive.


Advantages include:

  1. Almost instantaneous reaction to pump reversal
  2. Greater service life compared to the standard pin-type ratchet backstop
  3. Can be used in conjunction with the pin-type ratchet backstop providing a redundant anti-reverse mechanism

Contact Hebco Industrial Pty Ltd on (03) 9874 4299 for more informarion